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Our breads

Our Process

Each day is a new practice. A baker reads the weather, the flour, the levain, yesterday’s baked bread before starting to mix. A complex balance of yeast, bacteria, time, temperature, moisture, and fermentation acts on the simplest of ingredients; flour water and salt, to create one of humankind’s most elemental foods. The process is ancient and intuitive. It is craft, science, art, and philosophy.

The pursuit is real bread; a substantial, dark, blistered loaf containing a voluptuous, wildly open crumb with the sweet character of natural fermentation and a subtle, balanced acidity. A loaf that provides honest nourishment through long fermentation and superlative ingredients.

“Buying a loaf of Tartine Bakery’s bread is nothing less than a pilgrimage...”

How we grow and harvest our food is one of the biggest social and ecological cruxes of our time. We are proud to use flour that contains much of or all of the original germ, oils and bran. Our flours are milled by our friends; people we trust to take as much care with the milling and growing as we do with the baking.