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The Tartine Story

Since our founding, we’ve been driven by what we didn’t know and what we wanted to find out. We’ve constantly sought new ways to do the undone in the spirit of always doing it better. We believe our point of view sets us apart, and we are grateful for the friends who have given us the strength to go further than we could have alone. And while we’ve grown, we remain dedicated to the refinement of less as the very best kind of more. Always furthering a warmth and generosity of spirit and place and flavor. 20 years ago, we called it Tartine. And what made us then, we still make every day.

“What if old ideas about grain could be uprooted so that new notions about nutrition could take hold?”

About Us

In 2002, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson came into San Francisco for dinner from Point Reyes, where they had a tiny bakery at their home. They had spent the past 6 years in front of a hand built wood fired oven; Chad making bread and Liz pastry. A power baking duo at the Berkeley Farmers' Market.

In the Mission near their dinner at Pizza Delfina Liz saw an old corner bakery in the dark. There was a baker sitting outside and they started talking. He was ready to retire, but determined to keep the shop a bakery. It was meant to be. A few months later, Tartine opened its doors, and the line outside formed.

Tartine became known as the place to go for the best bread and pastry in the city, but we started noticing a trend. Some of our most loyal customers began bringing their own coffee to the shop. When asked why, the reply was simple: "You have the best food, but your coffee is only mediocre." Well, that didn't sit right with us. We don't believe in serving anything to our guests that doesn't meet our standards.

In 2017, in collaboration with our dear friend Chris Jordan (a coffee legend and former head of Global Coffee Quality at Starbucks) we partnered to serve a new brand of coffee. We couldn't be prouder to offer all of our guests COFFEE MANUFACTORY coffee. When you enter any Tartine, you can feel confident both your food and your coffee will be made the Tartine Way.

“She's a pastry prodigy, he's a bread virtuoso. Together they are San Francisco's Tartine empire ”


We are committed to transparency and approachability every step of the way. We define ourselves by our open kitchens, shared practices and collaboration with partners and suppliers.


Baking requires careful balance. Tartine is built on the balance of flavors, the balance of ideas and the balance between our founders. We bring together a diversity of people, ingredients and approaches.


Patiently pursuing the best possible solution for our guests. We are united by a common high standard. In each space, in each meal, in each loaf of bread. That is the Tartine Way.