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Tartine is a thoughtful expression of modern craft through good food and warm experiences. We are a product of our communities and our friends. Every morning bun and country loaf out of our doors reflects this.

Our Story

How Tartine Began

Tartine began with a mission: bring bread with an old-soul into the lives of our friends and family in California.

Using a wood fired brick oven, Chad Robertson baked bread and Elisabeth Prueitt created rustic, elegant pastries using many of the techniques they had learned abroad. Almost twenty years after opening Tartine Bakery, much has changed, but the quality remains. As we grow, our steadfast commitment to that bread with an old-soul deepens. So to does our commitment to challenge the status quo. To question how we work, bake and collaborate, and push to offer you more.

Our Cookbooks

Tartine at Home

In 2010 we published TARTINE BREAD. The baking community was in shock that we would share our secret to the iconic Tartine Country Loaf. For us, the magic is in the endless thought and experimentation that goes into making each loaf; learning to push the boundaries of what we do, so more people can enjoy it.

We will always continue experimenting and creating new books. Sharing our learnings and of course our recipes along the way. We are so excited to share our latest book - Tartine All Day. Elisabeth Prueitt’s gift to home cooks everywhere. An all-in-one repertoire of wholesome, straight-forward recipes for the way we want to eat morning, noon, and night.

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Our Bread

Tartine Bread

  • What made us, we make every day.
  • All day. We are of the philosophy that fresh bread is best with dinner. We bake during the days so our bakers can actually sleep at night. We speak daily to our wheat farmers and millers to adjust our practice. Today's bread, made better with what we learned yesterday.